Information Marketing - 5 Scarily Potent Tactics To Grow A 5-Figure Information Empire

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's an information empire? Well, it's an empire of your information products selling round the clock and bringing home cash to you! Here are 5 scarily potent tactics to grow a 5-figure Internet information empire from scratch:

1. Make The Most Of Resell Rights

Resell rights products are instant products you can plug in and sell right away! They usually come with a completed sales letter and ecover, so they are ready to be sold immediately. Make the most of resell rights products when you can.

2. Turn A Teleseminar Into A Product

Conduct a teleseminar and turn it into a product that you can sell later on. Let your teleseminar participants know that you will be turning it into a product and selling it.

3. Turn Your Articles Into A Product

Written some articles in your niche? You can make a compilation of them and create a small report out of it and use it as a lead generator or a low-cost front-end product. It's as easy as copying and pasting your articles into a Word document, and converting the document into PDF format.

4. Create Audio/Video Versions Of Your Ebook

Once you have created an ebook, you can create an audio version of it by hiring a voice over artist to read out your ebook. You can also create video tutorials that complement your ebook.

5. Create A Home Study Course

Once you have a complete package of ebooks, reports, videos, and audio, you can create a complete home study course and sell it a premium price! This is a way to sell your products to those who want the whole enchilada from you.