E and O Insurance Offers Great Value

Thursday, March 7, 2013

E&O insurance is short for errors and omissions insurance. It protects a business for a services that were not provided or did not reach the expected results. It covers a business for errors or omissions made or the client perceived them to make.

All best-known professional businesses need this insurance, including lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, advertising agents, and web hosting companies. All businesses providing a service to their clients for a monetary charge need to have this insurance. Businesses need to consider if a service provided is not done properly, and it results in not only financial loss, but damage to the reputation of the client.

All companies make mistakes, it is a known fact. A freight forwarding company accidentally sends a time sensitive delivery to China instead of India. This results in the Indian client losing the sale, and holds the freight forwarder responsible for their loss. The client loses the sale and their reputation is tarnished. This loss is not covered by general liability policies, so alternative measures need to be created.

All companies should buy this insurance before a risk occurs. If a company knows it has professional negligence exposures, it should be included in an insurance portfolio. It also gives clients a feeling of protection, understanding they will be provided compensation for an error or omission.

There is no standard policy as various companies have different exposures. The policy needs to be read to make sure correct coverage is provided. Every business must find an insurance professional that understands the coverage and current marketplace.

E&O insurance offers protection for a business in the event a professional negligence error has caused loss to a third party and they hold the business responsible. Coverage often covers judgment, settlements, as well as defense costs. Without this insurance, if a professional negligence claim is made, it can bankrupt a business.