The Profitable Online Business of Information Marketing

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Information marketing, otherwise known as info-marketing, is the basis of a profitable online business for anybody that uses the internet to make money. There are many ways of using information products to make money and also to advertise or promote your primary business, and some of these will be discussed here.

More than any other reason, the internet is used to find information. To have a question answered, a problem solved or a product sourced, the vast majority uses the information for information. One way to take advantage of that fact is information marketing, which can be approached in a number of ways. Among them are:

1. Writing an Ebook

EBook writing is very common online, although there are specific rules and formats to follow that maximize the likelihood of your eBook being profitable. If you have a skill or a profession, such as if you are a holistic healer, an astrologer or a Reiki master, you can write an eBook on your particular specialty, set a price and publish it online on your website or blog.

2. Content Web Pages

Another way to disseminate information is to publish content web pages. You can do this either on a general natural healing or alternative therapy website, with a different info-page on each technique or discipline, or use subdomains on your website to offer information on a variety of natural healing topics or just on your specialization. You can monetize these pages by selling your own eBooks or affiliate products, or use the information marketing technique simply to promote the service that you offer.

3. Blogging

Your blog could be focused on your own discipline or could be generalized on alternative therapy in generally, with blog pages targeting each of those natural healing topics that you promote or for which you offer professional services. You don't have to practice them all, but can build a profitable online business by simply offering information pages on which you promote affiliate products and services that earn you money whenever you make a sale.

4. Free Gifts and eMailing Lists

Finally, another way in which information marketing can be used to promote a profitable online business is to offer free reports as a gift for joining your emailing list. Publish a registration form on your website or blog, with a free report providing information on Reiki, hypnotherapy or energy healing as a gift for providing you with their contact details. You can then maintain contact with everybody in your list, offering cut-price products and professional services to people with whom you would never had been able to contact but for your list.

These are just four possible strategies that can be used to promote a profitable online business by means of information marketing. So what type of information would people be interested in, and how should it be presented?

Information Presentation

First, don't be too technical. Yes, some of your visitors will understand the technical aspects of your method of healing or exercising, but the vast majority will not. In fact, the former will likely not be interested in your info-products, but will go straight to the object of the site: your product or service, and you will have no need to persuade them of the benefits of your products.

Explain your topic in simple language, so that those new to, say, energy healing or life coaching will understand more about it after reading your information page. One of the secrets of a profitable information marketing web page is to provide the information the visitor is seeking, but also to offer them a means of using that information in a practical way.

"That is what life coaching is, and now here is where to get it". Provide some examples of how it benefited real people, and include some testimonials from these people if you can.

Then, within the report, include links to your sales page or sign-up page for your services. Maybe offer a free coaching session inside the report to attract them, but what is being stressed here is that the object of information marketing is not to immediately make cash from the visitor, but to set the foundations of a profitable online business by getting them interested and projecting yourself as being empathic about their problem by offering free information and even a free coaching session.

If your services are as successful as you claim them to be you should then be able to persuade the visitor to sign up for a full course of treatment. If this sounds like a lot of work for just one customer, keep in mind the major benefit of the internet: automation. All of this can be automated, and you need only get involved when any personal intervention is necessary.

Most online marketing is fully automated, and once you have everything set up you simply wait for the money to come in: wake up in the morning richer than when you went to bed! That is how a profitable online business based on information marketing should be run!