Trading FOREX As Your Own Home Based Business

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If you are an individual looking for ways to make extra income at home, the most common method is the use of your own PC with the connection to the Internet.

FOREX is one of the major "Make money" opportunities that can be found in the Internet. There are many traders that are doing well in this field. Why not you?

Let think about it. If you want to start a traditional business, what would be the things that you may consider?

You need to have the following:
1. Capital
2. Employees
3. Places for your business (Example: Office and warehouse)
4. Asset (Vehicles, Office furniture, shelves for keeping your product)
5. Growing the business

There are many things to be worried for starting a traditional business.

First of all, you need employees. You need to take care of their wages, manage the manpower if any of them is sick, on leave and not present for work. Take care of their wellfare and train them properly for the work.

Next, a place for the business operation. Employees need a office where they can work at, your product need a storage place before it is delivered to the customer. If a place is rented, the rental fee need to be taken care of to keep the operation cost as low as possible.

Next, the asset for your business operation. Asset such as vehicle for transporting the goods. Maintainence and service your vehicles for the operation. Office furniture is needed for the employees to use and storage equipments for parking your product.

Finally, you need to invest a lot on advertising your business and look for new clients to grow your business. This is the most important element for running a business and this will keep your business to last long and profitable.

There are many more factors to be taken care of...

In FOREX, the traders do not have to worry for these. What the traders need to concern is their capital to place their trades.

Trades is like their employees. Once a trade is placed, the trade is working for the traders as the market prices is moving.

For a trader to make more money, more trades are required to be placed. Trades act like an employee for the traders and as the trader's capital grow, the trader can place more trades.

Lastly, as a trader myself, what I am doing every day is to look at the market a few times a day. Look at the news for any happening events that may cause the market prices to move dramatically. Other than these, the rest of the time are free to do what ever I want.