Three Things to Know Before Starting a Home Shopping Online Business

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If your financial well being has been shaken by the recent Wall Street fiasco, we have identified three things you can do to recover and flourish. Before we get to those let's look at what's driving our economy and impacting your retirement.

America is a country of consumption. The home shopping networks that you see on TV generate billions in revenue even when the economy is tight. The number of people who are home shopping online grows every day. The online shops of this country are providing a service of convenience and savings for all of us.

So what does this have to do with your retirement account evaporating? Opportunity. Simply opportunity. You might do quite well setting up your own online business but before you forge ahead, there are three things you can do to assist you in your quest for success.

Start with these three concepts.

1. Don't listen to losers.

2. Develop an inspiring motivation for success.

3. Expand your energy.

Don't Listen to Losers - This is not a judgmental statement about the status of your fellow human being. This is about the practical and realistic point of view.

A tennis professional is not spending his time looking for mediocre people to play just so he can win. He is not challenged by people with lesser skill and he knows that that not only doesn't help his game it actually hurts his game.

Find people that are successful in their lives and their business and talk with them. You don't have enough time on this planet to make all the dumb mistakes yourself. Learn from others but choose carefully who you are learning from. Develop an Inspiring Motivation for Success

If your motivation for success is fear, you're screwed. If your motivation for success is to experience joy and help others, you have a chance! Needing to prove to someone your worthiness is another way to fall flat on your face. The only sustainable motivation must come from your heart. When you see your business plan in terms of purpose and joy you attach meaning that will inspire you and the people you need to build it.

If you are angry, obsessed with the competition, or using any less-than-inspiring tactics to achieve your goals your success will be short lived. Choose to empower yourself with marketing tools, supportive people, and a heart-centered inspiration for achieving your goals.

Expand Your Energy - To enjoy the benefits of money and success you need to be healthy in all areas of your life. It's not possible to achieve a perfect balance between work and other areas of your life but it is possible to create a rhythm that ebbs and flows to allow you the energy you need to build your business and have a life!

If you work 80 hours a week, eat like crap, and don't exercise, you might make a lot of money in the short run but your health will catch up with you. Your diet, your downtime, and your relationships are just as important to your long-term success as your sales are.

Everything is energy and once you accept that your awareness will help you to see the opportunities in balance. Eat properly, exercise consistently, get the rest you need and then you will have the energy you need to build that business and create the life you want.