Interactive Trade Show Displays: 3 Of The Best Ways To Connect With Your Audience

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marketing conventions have long established themselves as a leading promotional tactic for businesses in virtually every industry - and with good reason. In a world of virtual and online customer connection, marketing conventions offer businesses the invaluable opportunity to see and be seen by a host of prospective customers in a face-to-face environment. Despite their lengthy tenure as a promotional powerhouse, it's important to note that trade show displays and exhibits are consistently evolving. In a modern marketplace where competition is fierce, business owners recognize that they must consistently revise their existing trade show displays to ensure that they are not only keeping up with, but also exceeding the performance of the opposition at any given event.

Using Interactive Trade Show Displays To Engage With Prospective Clients

What's one of the best ways to effectively connect with the passing crowd and garner market share? Using interactive trade show displays. Rather than simply "talking at" passing crowds, interactive trade show displays help businesses instantly connect with the attendees who visit their booths. Keeping the crowd enticed, engaged and enthralled will not only prove fun for them, but it can help your business make a more impactful first impression. If you're looking for ways to interact with participants at the next event, read on. Understanding three proven engagement strategies can help ensure that your business stands out from the competitive crowd at the next convention. Consider using your trade show displays to offer:

Product Demonstrations: Offering a product demonstration is an interactive tactic that serves a myriad of purposes. First and foremost, allowing exhibit visitors to test out your product line is a great way for prospective customers to get an up close and personal look at what your organization has to offer, as well as how your merchandise stands head and shoulders above the competition. Additionally, product demonstrations are a great way to engage the senses of a booth visitor - a perfect way to help ensure that they'll remember you long after the convention has concluded.

Visually Interactive Displays: It's no secret that successful exhibits at marketing conventions often rely heavily on technology to help inform and compel visitors. Despite the powerful resource technology has proven itself to be, many organizations drop the ball when it comes to leveraging booth functionality to better connect with an audience. Rather than incessantly looping a stagnant video clip, use flat screens and monitors for trivia questions, fun crowd quizzes about your product or even to peruse your company's online catalogues. If you do want to use a clip, create one that, when viewed on a tablet, responds to touch and allows visitors to scroll through at their own pace.

Just For Fun Functionality: While it is important to give visitors ample information on your company and products, nothing says that you can't also offer some interactive imagery that is there just for fun! Floors that light up when stepped on or surfaces that play music when touched are both great ways to encourage booth visits. Once they have had reached their "fun quotient" it's up to your team to keep them engaged enough to want to learn more about your product.