Formula For Successful Business Online Step 3 - What's in a System?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

In Step 2 of my previous articles, I outlined what a successful sales process should look like. Today, I'd like to talk about it in more details of what it actually involves.

Lead Capture

Once you are getting exposure in your targeted market, you need to collect contact information of those who show interest. This is what a capture page does. You would need a web page and a data base to store your leads. You would also need a good copy that grabs attention of your potential customers, and some irresistible value they can gain without making any kind of commitment.

Contact System

Next you will need to contact all of your leads, not once, not twice but systematically. This is where you will be building a relationship with your leads and continue to provide value to them. You will need an auto-responder, and a series of emails packed with information that will show your potential customers why they should do business with you. This works best if you have something new, such as articles or free webinars that you can provide on a consistent basis.

Multiple Income Streams

The fact is, most people who come in contact with you will not purchase your product. However, you will still need to make the effort on promotion, marketing and relationship building. Find a way to capitalize on that effort. If you have alternative products to offer, you increase your chances of making a profit regardless of whether or not you make a sale on your primary product. If you don't monetize on your leads who turn down your main offer, you'll be leaving off a lot of cash.

Residual Income

Why are some of the top moguls such as Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki associated with network marketing? It's because of the residual and passive income you can generate in this business. Robert Kiyosaki illustrates in his Cashflow Quadrant - your goal should be to move into the Business and Investor categories by having a system working for you and earning passive income. Network marketing makes this possible at low cost, and in a short amount of time.

All sound good, but how do you accomplish all of this? If you are reading this article, you may not have all the resources or knowledge necessary to pull this off. You will need a good training on how to market and build your business effectively and successfully. Finding that resource will be the key. If you would like to learn about this system and receive free marketing training, continue reading below.