Ideas For Starting Your Small Business Online

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Starting a small business but don't know where to look? Want some great ideas for generating income online?

Here are two websites that I recommend for small business owners (or future owners).

BixBuySell has thousands of business for sale. To find the ecommerce businesses just use the Business Category list and select the B2C (Business to Consumer) or B2B (Business to Business) entries listed under INTERNET BUSINESSES (they used all caps - not me!).

You can narrow your selection down to small businesses for sale by state but why would you want to? Search every site for sale in the US.

Listings can be sorted by Asking Price, Cash Flow or Location. Cash Flow is king so pay close attention to that number.

Sitepoint is an incredible small business and web development resource. The section of the site I visit regularly is the Marketplace. Once you've arrived at the marketplace check out the Established Sites for Sale and Premium Sites for Sale.

Bookmark these sites and visit them regularly. They should help you get a good idea of what types of sites people are building to generate revenue. On Sitepoint you can monitor the sites that sell to discover how websites are valued based on their content and revenue stream.

Even if you decide to start your business from scratch instead of buying a small business these websites can be valuable tools to learn more about starting a business online. Don't procrastinate about your success - visit these sites today.