Information Marketing is the Hottest Internet Trend in Home Business

Friday, November 22, 2013

After investing most of my time, wealth and education in career building as a scientist with several honors, awards and peer reviewed publications to feather my cap but with no substantial money in my bank account, I stumbled upon a story of a brick and mortar business man who from being broke rose to amass more than one million dollars in just 15 months in an Internet home business. It caught my eye and I seriously began to pay attention to the hottest trends in the home business arena.

Knowledge is the most valuable resource

Today, knowledge is the most valuable resource that is marketable. The exponential growth of Internet worldwide has created a huge market of more than 1 billion users. Information Marketing or Webucation has emerged as the 'Mega trend' ( converging on more than $150 billion market. Online degrees and online informational tutorials are the talk of the day connecting people from any corner of the globe through advanced technology.

Major global trends are driving the Industry

More than 8-10 major global trends are currently driving the Information Marketing Industry including imminent retirement of baby boomers looking for financial freedom, globalization of economy, broadband internet technology facilitating streaming video and audio information exchange, online marketing, lean workforce in corporate world due to outsourcing of most of the technology jobs overseas, the ever increasing pursuit of quality life by the majority of workforce, etc.

As retirement approaches, uncertainty pervades and more than 90% of the workforce is coming on the internet looking for a home business opportunity. Baby boomers constitute a large fraction of those approaching retirement age and they are actively seeking to secure financial freedom. Information is the driving force to today's online market. Internet and broadband phone technology is revolutionizing information exchange on a global basis with direct impact on Information Marketing Industry.

As the jobs are getting scarce and workload getting heavier in the corporate world, more and more people are seeking financial freedom and quality of life to go hand in hand. Work-at-home moms and home education of children are on the rise in attempts to raise both quality of life and standard of education in addition to providing for a safer environment to bring up the kids.

Position yourself in front of the emerging Mega trend

The best way to capitalize on an emerging mega trend is to position yourself in front of the trend at the earliest signal like Microsoft workers did a few years ago. Having the right information at the right time is an inevitable advantage for success. If you are looking to boost your income, be sure to check out Information Marketing that provides the killer home business opportunities of the next decade.