10 Super Reasons to Start Your Own Information Marketing Business

Monday, December 30, 2013

Here are 10 Super reasons why you should start your own information business. But before we begin, we need to clarify that Information products do NOT just cover online money making or business related niches. Any topic where you can teach people can be the basis of you very first information product and the cornerstone of your information empire.

Super Reason #10 : All your information products would be digital - ebooks, videos, newsletters - so you will have a business with a low, low production cost. As long as you can speak and write, you can create your own information product.

Super Reason #9 : Unlike a regular brick and mortar store, you don't need to invest in store renovations, warehousing and staff. All you do need is a computer and an Internet connection to start building your own information business empire.

Super Reason #8 : No need to go through the hassle of getting a business loan because your start up costs are really minimal. Like I said in Super Reason #9 - you only need a computer, an Internet connection, and a desire to make money.

Super Reason #7 : The Internet is overflowing with information and the lots of these resources are free. More importantly, lots of them are freely available to you to re-use commercial purposes. You just need to repackage, rebrand and rework this information to suit your product's niche and you will have your own hot-selling range of information products!

Super Reason #6 : Your production costs is low, you don't have any warehousing costs and you don't need to pay rental, so your profit margins are going to be a lot more than if you were selling a physical product. Profit margins can be based on perceived value - if you have a reputation for producing highly valuable information, or if you are savvy enough to GIVE that perception, then customers are not going to grumble about the price they're paying and your profit margin.

Super Reason #5 : The Internet marketplace is growing at an incredible rate. If your worried that the market will be saturated, don't. As long as people are looking for information, you will have a market. Your information doesn't have to be totally new inventions, but they should give your customers value - a fresh perspective on a niche, a new twist to performing a task, an updated list of top-ten way etc. And if you find yourself wondering what niche to go into, just look around you.Find a highly active niche in the information marketplace and copy what the successful leaders are doing. In some cases, being an affiliate and selling other people's information products can be just as rewarding as creating your own. As long as you don't steal other people's products, slap your own label on it and sell it word for word as your own, the information product business is quick, easy and profitable.

Super Reason #4 : There are more people buying online each year. With the advancement of technology and online security measures, making purchases online is become, easier, safer and faster. Add too that a continuosly growing and hungry market looking for information and you have a mind-boggling sized market. Stats revealed that over 150 million people spent well over $100 billion online for purchases last year alone. Imagine how great your business would be if you had a store where 150 milliion people with over $100 billion spending money were browsing everyday?

Super Reason #3 : You can work anywhere. You are not tied down to a brick and mortar store where you have to be there to keep an eye on staff, take delivery of products and cash in your daily takings. All you need is an Internet connection and you are connected to your office and your customers. You can sit in a Starbucks in downtown New York or in London or on a beach in Bali and you would still be connected to your money making information empire.

Super Reason #2 : You are your own boss. You set the rules. You decide when to work, where to work and how you should work. You are the big kahuna.

Super Reason #1 : Residual, passive income for the rest of your life. I don't mean to say that this is a hands-free plug and play business where you can just relax, turn on a switch and the money will roll in like crazy. That would be irresponsible of me. However, once you've done the main job of producing your information products and put in place a solid, reliable marketing, and sales system, your information product empire can potentially be a source of residual, passive income that works even when you sleep and lasts even after you're gone - for your family. Now if that's not good enough reason to start your own information business empire, I don't know what is.