Staying Private While Shopping Online

Monday, December 9, 2013

As a really busy person you do most of your shopping online. You can update your wardrobe for the season, find great deals on your kids' toys and even buy your groceries all before you go to work in the morning. You are such a discerning shopper it only make sense that you should be just as savvy about your security and privacy while online. Find a program that will change your IP address to hide your shopping and surfing habits. Your online activities are nobody's business, but criminals and marketers are dying to get their hands on it. Keep your personal information private with an IP changer.

If you've been shopping online without taking steps to hide your trail you've probably noticed a lot of highly targeted pop up and other kinds of ads. Marketing professionals have spent a lot of time and money developing ways to track your every click. They know what sites you visit and in what order. They know what you buy and what you look at. They know that you spend a lot of money looking at expensive shoes but buy a lot of children's clothes. It's as if someone put a GPS system in your purse while you shopped in a regular store. They do it using a unique number called an Internet Protocol (IP) Address. But you don't have to put up with that. Hiding your activity with an IP changer will keep your online movements hidden away from the prying eyes of the marketing spies.

This issue goes beyond privacy though. If someone watches your surfing and shopping habits they can learn a lot of personal information about you. If you buy diapers and formula online they know you have a small child. Criminals can determine where you live, your gender, your age and other information about you and your family just by tracking your online activity. When a criminal gets his hands on this information he can use it in all sorts of nefarious ways. Luckily you can thwart this when you change your IP address. After all, criminals can't use information they don't have.

When you conduct financial transactions online you want to make sure that your credit card and bank account details stay secure. Look for a padlock symbol whenever you make an online purchase. That tells you that the site developer has taken steps to ensure your security. Make sure you only do online banking with an institution that takes your privacy and safety as seriously as you do. Even with all these precautions you can take the easy extra step to change your IP address.

When you are shopping in your pajamas at your home it is easy to assume that your internet activities are private and secure. Unfortunately that just simply isn't the case. The simple act of using an IP changer is an easy way to ensure your personal security. By hiding your surfing and shopping activity you make it so much harder, if not impossible for marketers and criminals to track your habits. When you change your IP address you ensure that your private information remains just that, private.