How To Find The Most Lucrative Information Marketing Niche Markets

Friday, March 14, 2014

To answer the question of how to find the most lucrative information marketing niche markets you have to be aware of the range of interests that exists in which people not only search for information but are also willing to spend their money getting hold of it. The research is easy to do and must be undertaken so as not to pick the wrong niche to enter.

There is any one of four characteristics that can be labelled on an online niche market and it is the job of an information marketer to examine the evidence and pick the one that is going to provide for them a worthwhile return for the time and money invested. So to kick off, would you be interested if you found a niche market that had lots of prospects and also lots of competitors? Whilst competition is, on the whole, good if there are experienced info marketers already dominating such a market, do you really want to try and carve a thin slice for yourself? It will take a huge effort and most likely some money to be spent. It is probably more sensible to leave such markets to others.

The second characteristic that a niche online market could have is lots of prospects and no competitors. The first thing that you must then do is ask yourself why there are no competitors. The answer will most likely be that you have not unearthed a yet to be discovered gold mine, whereas the reality is more likely to be a black hole of despair as all your effort will probably result in nothing. There will be a good reason why there are no existing competitors, most likely that there are few if any prospects in the market and those that are there probably don't pay for the information they seek.

The third characteristic for an online niche market can be low numbers of prospects and lots of competitors. This should immediately start to ring alarm bells as it presents a challenge far too time consuming and difficult to attempt. There are lots of competitors chasing a small market, therefore the ones with the deepest pockets and most experience will most likely scoop up the majority of the available business. When creating and building an information marketing business, these types of online niche markets are definitely the type to avoid.

There is an opportunity awaiting when you find a niche that has low numbers of prospects and a few competitors. Don't be fooled by the notion that you need a large market. What you do need are prospects that are passionate about the subject and once you demonstrate that you understand their interest and can provide exactly what they want, you will be in a position to dominate such a market and be the go to person. Exploiting such a market is easier when you yourself have an interest in, a passion for, and lots of experience to offer others.

So these are four benchmarks to use to assess potential information marketing niche markets to offer information to. Once you have undertaken this in one niche, you will have the confidence to replicate your successful model into niche markets that you do not have much or any experience of, yet have the skills to differentiate yourself from the existing competition. You can then, with confidence, position yourself as the person to go to for valuable information about the subject.