Information Marketing - How To Become Rich With A Simple Information Product

Saturday, April 12, 2014

You can become rich with simple information products. It's a question of strategy. Those who use the right strategies and take massive action each day get their rewards.

Here's how to become rich with a simple information product:

1. Find A Market With Burning Problems

You must find a market that has burning problems that they want solved - now! If the market is desperate for solutions, and if you can provide those solutions, they will be whipping out their credit cards to pay you. Some markets with burning problems include the quit smoking market, the gambling market, and the investing market. Hang around in forums to see what typical problems a market has.

2. Create A Small Report To Solve These Problems

Create a small report targeted to solve a specific problem quickly. This report can be 30 pages or less. You can source the creation of this product to a freelancer or write it yourself if you know the topic well or have done some research. Price the report at about $20 to $30, slap up a benefit-driven sales letter, and you are ready to start selling it.

3. Market Your Small Report Using A Variety Of Online Avenues

Hit your market through various online avenues - pay per click advertising, classified advertising, email signatures, message boards and social networking. The number one strategy that I use for marketing online is writing informative articles and submitting them to article directories. This gets you a ton of long-term, highly targeted residual traffic that actually spends money with you.