Dealing in Global Trade - Who Are the Major Players?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

For the business person preparing to extend his market, it is necessary to have on hand reliable contacts for the products and services you require. Building your supply chain to ensure your inventories are never depleted is essential when dealing with your customers. Whether you operate a wholesale or retail distribution business, or even operate a busy restaurant, your success relies upon the ability of a supplier to get you what you need at the right price, so you don't have to mark-up your prices too high.

The nature of your business may be conducive to dealing with suppliers outside your country of residence. While one might think dealing with international manufacturers drives up the costs of business, you may be surprised to know you can find deals worthwhile. Registering with a global trade forum is one way to find legitimate companies willing to negotiate with you. When you consult with the top exporters in the world, too, you will discover the professionalism and quality of products that help improve your own services.

Top Exporters of the World

Very likely when you think of export goods, the first markets that come to mind are Asian. Indeed the "Four Asian Tigers" (Hong Kong, Singapore - pictured, South Korea, and Taiwan) produce mass numbers of household and industrial items used daily around the world, and China is a large trading partner with the United States, but it's worth noting that of the top ten countries with the highest export income (as of 2009), three are Asian. These days, Europe dominates much of the export trade:

1) People's Republic of China
2) Germany
3) United States
4) Japan
5) Netherlands
6) France
7) Italy
8) Belgium
9) South Korea
10) United Kingdom

The above nations list export intakes of $350 billion and more each, with the top three each earning more than a trillion dollars. When you search a supply chain forum or online network like Linked In to find the goods you want, starting with these countries may allow you access to the best contacts. Electronics, pharmaceutical and beauty aids, gourmet foods, and machinery are among the most sought-after materials produced in these countries.

For more specialized products, don't rule out other countries of origin. Whatever you want, somebody in the world has it and is willing to talk business.