Blast To The Masses: Important Ways To Get The Word Out About Your Company's Trade Show Exhibits

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Making the critical decision to purchase trade show booths to participate in marketing conventions brings with it tremendous executional responsibility for any business. In order to consistently justify the expenditure associated with trade show exhibits, companies must connect with the greatest number of clients possible at every event. Thus, companies engaging in these promotional outings need to strategically devise a plan of action to effectively get the word out to their targeted demographic and ensure that their business displays see a steady stream of interested consumers engaging with staff throughout the convention. If your company has upcoming marketing conventions, now is the time to go into shameless self-promotion mode and consider incorporating some (or all) of these budget-friendly resources to guarantee a healthy turnout of consumers on function day.

Free Methods To Get The Word Out About Your Trade Show Exhibits

Naturally, you'll want to tap into the free resources that allow you to send a blast to the masses about your upcoming trade show displays. Always start with your own internal methods first as they will usually only require your time. When signing up for any advertorial event, always ask the function organizer for a link and/or logo that can be displayed on your business website listing all the details of the event. Be sure to include any relevant internal information such as new products being unveiled, booth giveaways, etc. to start to build buzz and excitement. Also, many venues have their own marketing resources for the event - ensure that your exhibiting price of admission grants you the right to have your businesses listed on their promotional tools as well.

Once your website has been appropriately updated, it's time to connect with your past, current and potential list of clients. Create an email template letter that can be tweaked and customized as needed for each recipient letting them know about the upcoming event exhibits. Remember to always include personalized reasons why you think the function will be exciting for them as well.

Next, hit the social media marketing scene. Don't have any online networking pages? It's officially (past) time to set some up. Social media marketing sites provide an excellent means for your business to connect directly with the consuming masses. Once your business pages are established, start posting and tweeting about how excited your team is about the trade show exhibits you'll be at. Be sure to include pictures of your trade show booths and products so your network understands why these are must attend events!

Budget Friendly Method For Promoting Trade Show Exhibits

Still looking for an effective way to draw the crowds to your trade show booths? Try an optimized press release. While creating a press release with a professional copy service will incur a cost, a reputable vendor will offer various options sure to work with any budget. Best of all, not only will a press release help get the word out based on determined key word phrases for optimal target audience impact, it will also entice visitors back to your website for a closer look at what your business does. A virtual and literal traffic building win/win!