The Number One Key You Need To Master To Be Successful In The Info Marketing Business

Sunday, July 13, 2014

As I was brainstorming a hot market for my next project I came across a realization and that is the Art of Specialization. Hey, that rhymes!

Let me explain...

As I do my research to find hot products, one of the techniques that I keep in the back of my mind is specialization to a particular market. What that means is how can I take an existing product and put it into another niche market. This technique works best with broad topics. For Example:

Topic: Marketing

Specialization: marketing for real-estate agents, restaurant owners, car garage owners, and the list goes on.

Topic: Cooking

Specialization: cooking for the busy executive, for busy moms, and so on.

Topic: How to fish

Specialization: How and where to fish on the eastern shore, How and where to fish in MD, FL, CA, etc...

You kind of get the idea of how this works. Now let me tell you some of these specialization techniques that you can put to use.

* Find two hot topics and join them together to get that specialization. For example: You may find that quick and easy meals are the hot thing in cooking and find that yoga and Pilates are hot in physical fitness. You can then marry both together to form a unique product. For example: The Pilates cookbook: 35 quick and easy healthy recipes to maximize your strength, flexibility, and energy for your Pilates workouts. I know this might be a little off the wall but this is an example of how to do it.

* The beauty of this technique is that you can create a line of products without doing to much work to create them. Let's use the marketing example above. Let's say you used the broad topic of marketing for a small business. You decide to create a marketing book for nightclub owners. Well, guess what! Now you can take that same book and tweak it to fit any small niche and sell it. You can create a line of marketing books based on this technique and create multiple streams of income from each niche market. I will recommend that you don't just change the title but do some research on each market to fit the marketing concepts to those markets.

You may be asking yourself, "But don't you need to be an expert in these fields to create these specialization topics?"

And the answer is NO. A gentleman by the name of Rory Fatt created Restaurant Marketing Systems. What he did was take Dan Kennedy's marketing strategies and apply them to the restaurant business. Now get this. He doesn't even own a restaurant! He was smart enough to find a hot niche market and fill a need. There are a lot of restaurant owners out there who are struggling in the business and he helps them get what they need...CUSTOMERS! By the way, he's a millionaire based on this one niche.

You can go into any bookstore and any library and spend a couple of hours doing the research. Here's how to do it:

* Find a broad topic and just narrow it down to a specific niche

* Gather a few books on the broad topic and start to study them

* Do research on your niche. Let's say your narrow niche is going to be travel agents. Gather info on the industry and see how you can marry the two together.

* Take out all the fluff and put the relevant information into an easy to understand guide

This is easy to do because all you're doing is gathering information and putting it into your own words and applying it to your specific niche. You don't need to reinvent the wheel here. All the research has been done for you at the bookstore/library. The best approach is to simplify the information. Your niche will love you for it!

Here's another idea if you just want to test the waters. Find your broad topic and select a specific chapter from the books and write a simple report based on this chapter and offer it to your niche. You can make good money writing and selling these reports.

So, in a nutshell, here is the formula:

Broad topic + Narrow niche + info gathering + 123 easy to follow guide/report= Hot selling info product

If you're looking to really be successful in the info marketing business then the best word of advice is to specialize. The more specific you make the niche the better.

Why? Because when you take a topic that is directed to a certain group of people and not geared to the general public, these groups of people are going to say "Hey! He's talking about me." For example: You are a real-estate agent. What would you buy? A book that said.

Marketing Your Small Business

Real Estate Agent's Survival Guide: Learn How To Find Hungry Buyers and Eager Sellers In A Snap

The information is basically the same. The only difference is that the latter has been tweaked to accommodate Real-Estate agents.

This really isn't rocket science. It's just plain old positioning your product to the right crowd. Now get out there and start building your information marketing empire.