Stupid Premier Health Tricks (Part 2)

Monday, April 18, 2016
As noted previously, Premier Health Plans has an unnecessarily confusing and, to be frank, barely functional web quoting system. To get a quote, one must enter the potential client's information as a "lead," which then leads one through a series of screens and tabs to enter basic info. Everything is keyed off the client's email, which, once entered, is immutable.

As is the client's name.

I found this out after trying - unsuccessfully - for three days to sell a plan. I almost got through this morning when I was able to log in, and get through most of the screens, but came up short on the enrollment one because I had entered "Geoff" instead of "Jeff," and it wouldn't let me change that spelling. Since I'd already used his email address, and needed to start over (a 3rd time!), I set up a new account in his name at one of those free-mail sites.

That accomplished, I logged back in and was - finally! - able to complete the application.

I cannot say enough bad things about this carrier's quoting and enrollment system. For one thing, once a "lead" is saved, there's no (obvious) method for deleting it. Second, there's no way to change those email addresses without contacting tech support. Which I tried to do (twice!) this morning with no success.

Heckuva way to run a railroad.